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PT Supplementary Exams Ends 7th March, 2021 by 12am. 

Exam Procedure

  1. Request for PIN here
  2. PIN received. Login to your existing account
  3. From your account dashboard, click the "My Memberships" Tab
  4. On My Membership page, your account is inactive,  Click the "RENEW NOW" option. Insert PIN & Submit.
  5. After Renewal, On your Dashboard Menu, choose the "CHOOSE EXAM/COURSE" tab, Select any course that concerns you OR Click the Icon on the menu bar to Search for Course.
  6. On the course page, you will see the "Enter PIN code to Start Exams" box option.
  7. Insert your e-Exam PIN Code and Click Submit. You will now be added to the course and the Start Course Option will now be available.
  8. Click the Start Course to begin Exams.
  9. Note, Pin Code will Only work on the course your HOD submitted the ICT.
  10. Call ICT-09055921433 | 08153513086 | 08153521437
  11. Ensure you logout exams. Refer to the Student Guide. Stay safe..